Plants for Sale at Mimi's

Below are pictures of a few of the plants that I nearly always have available at my spring sales. Herbs for culinary use as well as medicinal ones too, Hosta both giant and miniature varieties as well as flowering shrubs, many types of Hydrangeas and Japanese Maple trees. There are always annuals, hanging baskets and a few surprises too.

A Few of the Herbs:



Chocolate Mint

Greek Oregano

Golden Oregano

Hosta  New ones added often

 Blue Mouse Ears (mini)
Royal Standard (large)
Little Arora (mini)
Albo Marginata (standard)

Hydrangeas are my best selling plants! 

Here are a few pictured in order: 
Blue Mophead, Blue Lacecap,  Dharuma hydrangea, Pee Gee, Pink Diamond there are many more!

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