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Seeds are for sale again! 

NEW ITEM: Vegetable Garden Seed Kit 


The perfect combination of garden seeds for a summer garden for those who don’t have a big space for a garden.

Kit includes: 12 packs of seeds suitable most U.S. summer growing conditions. Need full sun, average water and soil. Compost would be a great top dressing if available. Tomatoes, peppers, squash and cucumbers can be started inside 4 to 6 weeks prior to planting time, lettuce can be sown directly into soil as soon as last frost date has passed (lettuce prefers cool temps) Beans, Okra and Corn should be sown 3-4 weeks after last frost date for your growing zone.
3 Tomato VarietiesRoma Italian Tomato for slicing, sauces, canning, Large Cherry Salad Tomato and Heirloom Cherokee Purple giant slicing tomato (25 seeds each)
Corn: Golden Bantam space saver (35 seeds)
Bean: Blue Lake Bush (30 seeds)
Okra: Clemson Spineless: (Heirloom) (30 seeds)
Bell Pepper: California Wonder (25 seeds)
Squash: Straight Neck yellow summer squash (15 seeds)
Squash: Black Zucchini Italian summer squash (15 seeds)
Lettuce: Romaine and Black Seeded Simpson (1 oz. of seeds each)
Cucumber:  Dwarf: Space Master Bush Cucumber (15 seeds)

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Below are pictures of a few of the plants that I nearly always have available at my spring sales. Herbs for culinary use as well as medicinal ones too, Hosta both giant and miniature varieties as well as flowering shrubs, many types of Hydrangeas, Japanese Maple trees and Banana Trees. There are always annuals, hanging baskets and a few surprises too. I also sell seeds starting in January each year. Find those here Seeds for sale at Mimi's 




Chocolate Mint

Greek Oregano

Golden Oregano


 Blue Mouse Ears (mini)
Little Arora (mini)

Royal Standard (large)

Albo Marginata (standard)

Blue Mophead
Fried Bananas (Giant)   


Blue Lace Cap

Ruby Slippers
Pink Diamond

You will find much more at my sales

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